A plain and short sleeved t-shirt is a preferred choice for many mens, because they are super comfortable, timeless and also everyone likes to wear. At present, whether you want a V-neck or crew neck shirt, first of all you should know about the difference of v neck Vs crew neck and then consider some factors in order to select the right one that suits you. If you have a longer neck, you just go with crew necks. On the other hand, a v neck will visually lengthen your neck and also build it appears longer.

Likewise, if you have a shorter neck, you can go with v neck t-shirts. It will definitely make your neck look a little bit longer. If your neck is average, of course, the t-shirt world is your oyster and you can have any kind of t-shirts and deep round neck t shirt whatever you want.

Why I need crew neck?

If you are opting for a crew neck t-shirt, first, you can make sure that it perfectly suits you and does not have any horrible logos on it. In fact, this crew t-shirt worn on its individual with a pair of a lightweight jacket and jeans is a classic appearance that will provide you more attention.

Normally, this type of t-shirt has round collars that fit nearly to the neck. More possibly, you have these in your closet now. Of course, they are wonderful base items for worn or layering on their own. Also, they work effectively on all body types.

Why I need V-neck?

Should guys wear v necks? Yes, the natural shape of V-neck t-shirt does a good job of outlining your face that is perfectly what you need it to do. You should also remember that your clothing must always bring more attention to your face.

The v neck t-shirt also expresses off a slight minute of your chest. If you have been spending more time in the gym, of course, it is a good way to highlight your tough work without even mobile around on 24/7. If your controls of deduction are strong, you already know that the v neck t-short is named as such; because its neck is in v shape. They also work on all body types.

Regardless of whether you want t-shirt that is a crew neck vs v neck, the most essential factor to consider is fit. If your selected t-shirt is perfectly fitting your body, you know the difference between a v neck and crew neck shirt at first.